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Microdermabrasion facial treatment

With SkinBorn Medical Enhancement - Microdermabrasion is a non invasive technique with no down time. You will walk out with a healthy glow and feeling like your skin has been renewed. These treatments have been used in Europe for years. Now this exciting procedure helping men and women in North America experience remarkable improvements regardless of there skin color. Aluminum oxide crystals flow through a vacuumed hand piece that gives the skin a thorough exfoliation while increasing circulation and stimulating collagen. It is most gentle. With just the first treatment your skin will have light, pink glow, feel softer and continue to exfoliate over the next few days. Continued treatments will minimize or remove many skin imperfections and abnormalities. Maximum results can be achieved after two to twelve treatments. Normally clients prefer monthly maintenance treatments. There are virtually no areas of the body that would not benefit from skin born treatments. Read More...

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