photo of Kayla Duckworth, Associate Kayla Duckworth
Hair Studio Design Team
3601 Market Street
Hannibal, MO, 63401 USA

Started at Hair Studio Design Team: December 2014

I strive to do what I love "Hair"!  I am very excited to join Hair Studio Design Team.
I knew in middle school that I had a passion for hair,  I  always did my own hair, my moms, and along with some  friends. I graduated from Advance Beauty College in 2014. While attending there I stepped out of my comfort zone and did  body art for competition, and really got to know my artistic side. I look forward to the education that Hair Studio Design Team has to offer so that I become the stylist I strive to be.
I am inviting you to visit me at Hair Studio Design Team so that I may build my family of clientele!

Don't let any one ever tell you , you can not achieve what you desire! 


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